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Six types of friends You Should never let them Go

Six types of friends You Should never let them Go

Most people usually have one or two best friends in their life and as we grow we will meet all kinds of friends out there both positive and negative. It is worth to note that you will gain more positive benefits if you surround yourself with different types of friends rather than just one or two close friend. You know sticking to only one or two friends will not be enough to add value to your life. In this article I am not going to tell you how to spot and avoid negative people since I already covered that in another article on my website. Instead we will share with you the types of good friends that you should never let go.


types of friends to never friend friends friend
Six types of friends to never let go


The friend who is always positive. to notice that it is a friend who always has a positive outlook in life and it makes you positive as well. You will need this friend to keep you motivated and to support you when you are at the lowest point. A positive mindset will result in healthy behaviors and it will create healthy environments as well. Positive friends will bring out the best in you because you are more inspired to try new things whether or not you have their support. But most likely you will get their support because you always encourage each other.


The friend who is very sensible. He or she is like your parents, a big brother or sister or a wise teacher all in one package. In short they are the ones you can turn into when you need enlightening insights into your problems and issues. Sensible friends will surely challenge your thinking. Talking to them as not only stimulating but it challenges your mind to see things differently which helps you discover new ideas.


The friend who is your partner in crime. This type of friends is definitely the ones you should never let go. He is the Watson to your homes or the Robin to your Batman. This friend shares the same interest with you and you have shared a lot of experience with him or her. With this friend you can always be yourself which you can talk to just about everything. It is always good to have a friend like this because you know you always have someone to watch your back. It could be your wife, your partner in the office or anyone who share your interests literally.


The friend who’s always with you as you grow. He or she is your best friend since childhood you grew up together and you have become the constant in each other’s life. For you who are lucky enough to still be able to get in touch with your childhood friends as an adult, it’s definitely a special kind of relationship which not everyone can have. Even if they are your worst enemies back then you will be surprised as they can turn into your best friends today.


The friend who has the right connections. A friend who has a lot of networks will help you to build your networks as well. They can be the necessary bridge for you since you will likely get an invite whenever they have an important event. Also he can point you to someone to tap into if you ever need help. In short they are the people you can’t afford to live without. For instance you can ask them when you need good doctors, accountants or even good places for special dates.


The friend who’s a rebel. In a sense it is the friend who constantly challenges you with thought-provoking questions to your ideas. This way you will be more prepared when you execute your plan because you already see things from various perspectives. In addition it is also the friend who always stands to what he or she believes in. once they commit to something they will always stand up when they are challenged. The good thing is once they believe in you. You will always have their support no matter. What they will also push you to do unexpected things to break your limitations. In any case you will need this kind of friend in your life at times especially when you feel constricted and bound.

types of friends to never friend friends friend
Six types of friends to never let go

Well those are the six types of friends to never let go. So really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this short article. If you have something on your mind please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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